Sunday, 20 April 2014


Quick Easter outfit post as I sit in my uncle's living room studying for my last exam. I am stuffeeeeed and I can't move. Today was such a nice day but I didn't really do much but study.  My family and I went to the Easter Vigil mass last night (it was 3 hours long!) so I literally took these pics in the morning so I can get it in good sunny lighting and I went back in my sweatpants #sorrynotsorry. So I bugged my mom to take pics of my dinner outfit... yes my mom takes most of my outfit of the day pics. She wants me to give her a shout out...Hi Mom.

Hope everyone had a great Easter :)

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Monday, 14 April 2014



Did anyone watch MTV Movie Awards last night? No? Neither did I. I was too busy watching Game of Thrones and the #RoyalWedding. But I did however, hear about Zac Efron winning Best Shirtless Performance. Zac Efron has been hands down my MCM everyMonday since he was Troy Bolton okay.

MCM: Zac Efron- Actor and also like the Best Shirtless Perfomer like ever

Ok as if Best Shirtless Performance is a real thing that gets an award, nonetheless I am not complaining when Zac Efron wins it and gets his shirt torn off. I love Rita Ora but I didn't know whether to hate or love her more for getting to touch Zac but also all the while blessing us all with all these shirtless graciousness: 


Friday, 11 April 2014

One Step Closer

I made the effort to actually get up at 5 am this morning to cram study for my philosophy final. I did stay up the night before "studying" (I almost reached the 4096 block on 2048!).  The exam was stupid hard to say the least and I was pretty bummed out after writing it only because I thought I could have studied more. But what can I, queen of procrastination really do about it now? I always do that and end up regretting it. Even waking up early this morning, my priority was looking for what to wear rather than studying the Hypothetico Deductive Method. I figured if I was going to fail, at least I'd look cute? Just kidding please, I do not want to fail, I need to gtfo and move on to bigger and better things. Nonetheless, all final exam hardships aside, today marked the end of my hell week. I finished two essays and an exam and now I get a little bit of a break until my next and last undergrad exam eveeeeer.

Today was also the first time I ever used all of the 2 hours given to write a final. As soon as our prof came to grab our papers, my first words were literally "I need a drink." It was just that exhausting lol.   So a friend and I took a little stroll down Queen street, did a little bit of shopping, had some beers and got yummy macarons from Nad├ęge. It was a beautiful day again in Toronto! But nothing beats the peace and quiet for now. I have nothing to worry about and nothing to do but to catch up on Suits and Vampire Diaries! Best Friday night ever.

Oh yeah, and we also took OOTD pics.

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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Another Sunny Day

I've spent the last 4 days inside my house watching the beautiful sunny days pass by from my bedroom window because it is HELL week. With two 10-page essays due and an exam by the end of the week, I had no choice but to stay inside. Well, today I got a little bit of free time and so I decided to finally get out of my Pjs and maybe put on some makeup and step outside for like 2 minutes.... that's of course before going back inside the library and dying again for the whole day. I'm not complaining because I actually did not even need to wear a jacket outside today. Yay for the nice weather! I hope it stays next week when I have allll the freee timeeeee. I just want to eat ice cream and walk on lakeshore with my buddddd. It all seems like wishful thinking for now. Until then, I have to punch out another essay, wish me luck!

Monday, 7 April 2014


Welcome to my very first Man Crush Monday post, where you will pretty much just read and peer into my obsessive personality and boy craziness. Forgive me for I have lusted, but it is Man Crush Monday.

MCM: Nick Bateman- Actor, Producer, International Model, All around hottie and King of my heart.

I would usually try to explain my reasons for my thinking with words but I'll use visual representation this time.

Reason #1: His smile.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Here Comes The Sun

IT IS BEAUTIFUL OUT TODAY. Could it be that spring is actually here?! After this long, tiring and downright depressing winter season filled with ice storms and -45 degree weather, the sun is finally here. I couldn't help but drive with my windows down and blast my Beatles literally playing Here Comes The Sun. Aside from the weather being gorgeous, today is a very special, dear day. Because this is the day that I have been waiting for since last June: Game of Thrones season premiere!!!!!!
Please forgive me that despite this amazing day, I am instead having a Game of Thrones marathon as I punch out a 10-page essay (priorities and multitasking ok!). I am so so so so excited, I just finished the first Game of Thrones book which was only the first season so I still haven't caught up in books as to what's going to happen this season. But oh my goodness, after the season finale (well Red Wedding was not the season finale but the actual season finale wasn't nearly as eventful) I am rooting for my girl Daenerys Targaryen to finally prove how much a of a bawse she is.

That throne totally suits you gurl!
Another thing I'm sexcited for this season is Kit Harrington (Jon Snow) as he apparently said that he would like to be part of more nude scenes and my feelings about this: yes. Agreed. Give Kit Harrington what he's hoping for because as much nudity as there is in this series, Jon Snow has had the least! How is that fair? As much as it is mind boggling that almost half of season 2 was Peter Dinklage/Tyrion Lannister in a brothel, it is even more mind boggling that Jon Snow has only had one sex scene. No one loses in a world where Kit Harrington is showing a little bit more than usual ;)

The Art of Letting Go

We don't fully appreciate people that go through struggles until we struggle on our own. Change starts from within and whatever cliche and corny things you hear about moving on and letting go becomes true. There is no one better to help you move on but yourself. In my struggle, my heart has been damaged beyond the point that I can even take. It's starting to consume my life and affect others that care about me. Because in this battle I am my worst enemy. I don't like to speak about my struggles so when I crash after keeping it all inside me, no one has an idea why it's happening. I'm coping after all from what they think. In this time, I've taken a look at my life and reevaluated the things I need to let go and the things I need to keep carrying with me. Might be completely vain but simply being honest, I trust myself the most with decisions I make. I know that a lot of times in the past and now and for the future my decisions aren't ultimately the best. However, my decisions are still what is going to make me feel more comfortable in the situation. In truth, I have instilled this demon of my own self and all my insecurities and failures as much as they are caused by others, they are also caused by me. At this point I am left with no choice but fight all of that. So like I said, even though my wonderful friends and family try to help me with my problems by giving me advice, I will still at the end of the day make my own decisions that are just what makes me feel better, and these days it's hard to dig around the cut that isn't even scabbing yet. It's so fresh that any move I make close to it traumatizes me. So I don't like to talk about what happened and what caused this whole struggle and whole pit that I am in.